Lay's Stix Ketchup

Lay's Stix Ketchup

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Taste: This bag contained some nicely crisp potato sticks — the first time we've seen the Lay's brand used for potato sticks. The sticks had a nice golden yellow color, with no dark spots and a variety of lengths. There was no red seasoning (or any seasoning for that matter) visible on the sticks, which is unusual for ketchup snacks, but when we crunched in, there was definitely some ketchup taste. It was a very sweet tomatoey flavor, somewhat like ketchup, but not in the usual vinegary way. It easy to eat a lot of these, which is good because there were lots of them in this bag.

Aroma: Nice tomatoey ketchup smell.

Manufacturer: Frito-Lay Poland Sp. z.o.o. (Poland)

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From the package: "Chipsy ziemniaczane o smaku ketchupu" ... "z olejem slonecznikowym" ... "Tutaj otwórz!"

This snack was discovered by Mel & Tom in Poland. Review published .

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