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Lay's Hot & Spicy Barbecue

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Taste: This version of Lay's had a bright orange seasoning, unevenly applied, on parts of the otherwise yellow chips, with many specks of black seasoning as well. Years ago, Lay's offered a KC Masterpiece Hot 'n Spicy BBQ flavor, but this was apparently a new flavor, without the KC Masterpiece. I crunched in and found a very tasty mix of spices that included a pretty significant kick of heat for a barbecue chip. Even putting the heat aside, there was definitely a more sophisticated mix of spices in this one than your typical barbecue chip. The heat stayed around and grew hotter in the aftertaste. I also noticed that the chips weren't particularly crisp, which was unfortunate because the flavor on these was quite good.

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Aroma: Not really hot, but still tangier than your typical barbecue seasoning.

Lay's Hot & Spicy Barbecue

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Dollar General. Review published .

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