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Larry the Cable Guy Pass the Darn Ketchup Tater Chips

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Taste: These were some of the darkest-colored ketchup chips we've ever seen, as the surfaces were heavily covered with a very intense dark red seasoning. We crunched in to find that the chips were quite tasty, with a sweet tomato taste that went well with the nice potato flavor. Crispness levels varied a lot from one chip to the next, as some chips had an excellent crisp feel and soft crunch, while others had some stiffness to them. This particular ketchup wasn't spicy or vinegary, but just sweet. Our snackers were mixed in their opinions. Many liked these chips a lot, but a sizable minority thought the sweetness of the ketchup was a bit much and didn't care much for the taste.

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Aroma: Sweet ketchup smell.

Larry the Cable Guy Pass the Darn Ketchup Tater Chips

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"Boy that's good eatin'!" ... "Wimpy flavors are for sissies. These flavors will knock yer snack cravins like a cop kickin' down a trailer door. Shoot, they are zoo good I'd save yourself the trouble and grab a second, third or fourth bag right now!!! I picked out these here flavors just for you! Now what in the world are you waiting for? Git-R-Done!"

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