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photo of Kurmure Chicken

Kurmure Chicken

Kurmure Chicken

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Taste test: The snacks in this bag looked a lot like Crunchy Cheetos, with the same types of wiggly-shaped sticks and a light orange color (not as bright as Cheetos) with some darker orange spots.

We crunched in to find a very good crispness and light crunch, but almost immediately after that, we were stuck by a sharp kick of heat. We didn't expect any heat, so it was kind of startling, and it was really pretty hot. This was supposed to be a chicken-flavored snack, and there did seem to be something resembling a chicken soup type of taste below all of those hot peppers, but we had to think about chicken to even notice, as the heat was way more dominant. A very nice taste, especially if you like hot stuff. We shared these with quite a few folks as they enjoyed some beers, and there with many thumbs-ups, with just a few detractors.

Aroma: Kind of remotely like chicken soup, but with some other spices.

Manufacturer: Dugar Spices & Food Products (Nepal)

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From the package: "The perfect combo for chai-time masti with the entire family. Now in an all new pack." ... "Ingredients: Rice Meal, Edible Oil, Corn Meal, Gram Meal, Spices & Condiments and Salt."

Trivia: This was the first-ever snack from Nepal that we reviewed.

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Al-Razaq Grocery & Halal Meat, Worcester, Massachusetts. Review published .

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