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Kettle Chips Sweet Onion

Kettle Chips Sweet Onion

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Taste test: These potato chips had generally the same look and texture that we've come to expect from Kettle Chips, with a variety of shapes, some wiggly chips and some folder over, as well as some intact chips that were narrow and long. The onion flavoring was very sweet and reminded me of the taste of Funyuns. The folks at Kettle weren't shy about applying flavoring to the chips, as there was lots of it. The flavoring was sufficiently strong that it easily overwhelmed the potato flavor. The chips were good, but I wouldn't say they were outstanding, as the onion flavor just wasn't that interesting. I know it's odd to say that a "sweet onion" flavor was too sweet, but I think a little less sweetness might have made these even better. I just wasn't expecting a Funyuns sort of taste from Kettle Chips.

Aroma: Good potato smell with lots of sweet onion mixed in.

Manufacturer: Kettle Foods

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From the package: "These Sweet Onion chips have big flavor, bold crunch and absolutely nothing artificial. They taste so great because they're made from only the most natural, real food ingredients, finest potatoes, best oils and hand-crafted cooking methods. And they're backed by a commitment to sustainability like wind powder, solar power, green building and biodiesel."

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