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Kettle Chips Cheshire Cheese & Chutney

Kettle Chips Cheshire Cheese & Chutney

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Taste test: This bag contained large, unbroken chips, with colors varying within each chip from yellow to brownish yellow. Most of the chips had significant curvature, but the curves were sufficiently gentle that I would not call the chips wiggly. Skin was visible around parts of the edges of most of the chips. I didn't see a whole lot of seasoning powder, but when I bit in, there was a flavor explosion. I'm not familiar with Cheshire cheese (but I do know the Cheshire Cat) and I know that there are many different kinds of chutneys, so I don't know whether the taste was really Cheshire Cheese & Chutney, but I did like it. There were many spices, but the dominant taste seemed to be ginger, and I really didn't taste a whole lot of cheese. The chips were cut thick and fairly crunchy, with a pretty good though not great crispness, but still quite good.

Aroma: Very nice. Something vert sweet about the aroma, a bit of ginger with other spices.

Manufacturer: Kettle Foods

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From the package: "Seasonal Edition" ... "absolutely nothing artificial" ... "Made in the UK" ... "Contains: Cows' Milk, Barley, Celery" .. "Sorry this packaging is currently not recyclable" ... "The colour of the chips is determined by the natural sugars in he potatoes we use, which alter throughout the year." ... "We know the origin of all our ingredients"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy in London. Review published .

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