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Jonathan Crisp Jalapeno Pepper Crisps for Snobs

Jonathan Crisp Jalapeno Pepper Crisps for Snobs

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Taste test: These potato chips were dark in color, with a brownish orange color and darker skin visible around the edges. The generally smallish chips had the characteristic wiggle and irregular shapes of kettle-cooked chips, with most of the chips folded over. I bit in to find a very nice potato taste and a mild jalapeno heat. It didn't seem at first that the heat was enough that I would need a beverage. My initial reaction to the slight burn of the aftertaste was that it tasted great and felt good. But a minute or so after I finished eating a handful of chips, the heat did catch up with me, and I went for a beverage to cool things down. It wasn't in the league of the hottest jalapeno chips, but it was a good step above the jalapeno pretenders that claim heat but really have little or none. Jonathan packed a lot of chips into this small bag, including a whole bunch of small, folded-over ones near the bottom, and impressively, very few chips were broken.

Aroma: Nice potato smell, like a baked potato, but with just the slightest hint of jalapeno pepper.

Manufacturer: Natural Crisps Ltd. (United Kingdom)

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From the package: "Scrumptious, and by jove, frightfully delicious. These crisps are hot under the collar about taste, spirited about flavour and possess a singular charm that, once encountered, isn't easily forgotten." .... "Vegetarian Society approved" ... "Say no to GMO" ... "Vote gluten free" ... "Natural ingredients only!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy in London. Review published .

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