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Jans Maxi Mixed Roots Exotic Blend Salt & Vinegar

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Taste: This mix of chips contained regular sweet potato chips, purple sweet potato chips, taro chips and cassava chips, all cut thin and seasoned with salt and vinegar. The vinegar flavor was tasty and not particularly intense, but the four different chips were surprisingly similar in texture, despite varied appearances. The two kinds of sweet potato chips had a solid crunch at first, more solid than is typical for sweet potato chips, but there was some nice sweet potato flavor once the vinegar wore away. The cassava and taro chips were almost indistinguishable, as the taro chips lacked the purple-ink-smudge appearance typical of taro chips. Reactions were mixed, but nobody seemed overly excited. Multiple people said that the chips would have been better if they had been cut thicker.

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Aroma: Strong vinegar zing.

Jans Maxi Mixed Roots Exotic Blend Salt & Vinegar

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From the package

"Rich in antioxidants" ... "Gluten free" ... "No trans fat" ... "30% Less Fat as compared to other leading brands of Potato Chips" ... "You'll find our crispy, crunchy chips a little sweet, a little savory and a whole lot satisfying. We find it only fair to warn you: Once you start snacking on these, you'll find it hard to stop." ... "Product of Indonesia"

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