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Jack 'n Jill Vcut Potato Chips Onion & Garlic

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Taste: The mascot on this bag was truly genius, one of the best we've ever seen: a smiling potato wearing an onion-top hat and two onion rings while juggling three bulbs of garlic.

The potato chips inside the bag had narrow ripples had a light yellow color with lots of orange-ish seasoning in the ripples. Most of the pieces were fairly small, but there were lots of them in the bag. We crunched in to find that the chips were quite flavorful, with lots of garlic and onion flavor, a bit more garlic than onion, but on the sweet side.

Very tasty, a big hit among our panel of hungry snackers.

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Aroma: Nice mild sweet onion smell. More onion than garlic.

Jack 'n Jill Vcut Potato Chips Onion & Garlic

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From the package

"Peeling onions may make you tear up but the only tears you'll be shedding when it comes to Potato Chips Vcut Onion & Garlic, are tears of joy! Thanks to the burst of exciting flavors in every bag!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at H Mart, Cambridge/Burlington, Massachusetts. Review published .

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