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Intoxi-Tators Designated Driver Potato Chips

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Taste: These were plain potato chips, with skin around parts of the edges of many of the chips. The taste reminded me of Wise Potato Chips, about average as potato chips go, but with less salt than the regular Wise. The idea behind "Designated Driver" was to contrast this version of Intoxi-Tators with the Margarita and Bloody Mary flavors. But except as purely a marketing gimmick, these chips seemed quite pointless, as someone wanting to eat a bag of plain potato chips has many options available without having to pay extra for a small bag of plain chips with a catchy name.

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Aroma: Barely any. Very slight potato chips smell.

Intoxi-Tators Designated Driver Potato Chips

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Infused-Sun Products, Inc.

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"This product does not contain alcohol" ... "Snack responsibly" ... "0g Trans Fat"

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