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Lobster Chips

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Taste: These chips were fairly large, with wiggly, irregular shapes, and they had a consistent orange color. We crunched in to find a somewhat styrofoam-like feel, but still a decent crispness. They didn't taste bad at all, but they also didn't taste much like lobster or any other kind of seafood, as the flavor was just very mild.

One odd thing about these "Lobster Chips" was that according to the ingredients, there was actually no lobster — but there was shrimp! In more ways than just that, the bag was a fun read (see "From the package" below). Even the list of ingredients was funny, as whoever compiled it was very big on using adjectives, and also included some ingredients we'd never heard of before. Instant Shrimp Powder? Pepper Salt?

We shared these with a crowd of snackers, and as seafood chips go, these were among the best. Most thought the taste was OK or good, and a few people loved them and kept going back to the bag for more.

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Aroma: Not much.

Lobster Chips

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Hong Sheng Foods Co. Lte. (Taiwan)

From the package

"Each Lobster Chips [sic] is a stylish masterpiece. It is for people who want excitement in their Chips. Enjoy nice time by specially fine tastes." ... "Ingredients: Instant Shrimp Powder, Pepper Salt, Premium Starch, Fine Sugar, Salt, Dressings, Vegetable Oil, Standard edible artificial Color (Red #6, Yellow #5)" ... "Validity: 180 day" ... "Net Weight: 150g±5%"

This snack was discovered by Bob Whoppererererer. Review published .

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