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Herr's Bacon & Horseradish Rippled Potato Chips

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Note: This snack has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Taste: These wide-rippled chips had lots of flavoring on them, plus some tiny spots of red color. Some of the chips in the bag were very large. The horseradish flavor wasn't all that strong, and the bacon taste was fairly mild, but somehow the combination was a strong flavor, and it was not a bad taste at all. There was a slight horseradish kick. These chips received a nearly universal fairly warm praise around the chip bowl. Nobody raved about them, but just about everyone said they were pretty good. They were tasty but just not that outstanding. Still, it's good Herr's is willing to take a risk on an unusual flavor like this.

Shop: Herr's Online Store

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Aroma: Nothing very strong.

Herr's Bacon & Horseradish Rippled Potato Chips

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From the package

"Looking for a truly unique and delicious treat? Herr's has combined the great taste of smokey bacon with the spicy essence of horseradish to create the irresistible snacking sensation you now hold in your hands! Our Secret? It's simple, really we never cut corners at Herr's. We always start by selecting the very finest potatoes available. We then carefully cook them in vegetable oil to a perfectly crisp crunch. And finally, we top these rippled, golden crispy treats with just the right amount of authentic bacon and horseradish flavors. The result is a flavor sensation that's sure to please with every bite!"

This snack was discovered by Keith at Crystal City Shops, Washington, D.C.. Review published .

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