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Golden Flake Dip Style Cheddar & Sour Cream Potato Chips

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Taste: These narrow-rippled potato chips had a light orange color overall, and we could see lots of orange seasoning in between the ripples, with a good helping of potato skin around the edges of some chips. We crunched in to find an average crispness and very soft crunch as ripple chips go, with quite a bit of cheddar and sour cream flavoring. The seasoning wasn't particularly sharp or strong, but there was a lot of it, so it did dominate the potato flavor. Pretty good, but neither the flavor nor texture was a standout — we like the combination of cheddar and sour cream a lot, and quite a few companies have done it better than Golden Flake did here.

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Aroma: Fairly strong cheddar smell.

Golden Flake Dip Style Cheddar & Sour Cream Potato Chips

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Golden Flake Snack Foods

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From the package

"The South's Original Potato Chip®" ... "The combination of flavor Oh so hip ... Just try this bag of Golden Flake chips. Cheddar & Sour Cream, taste so smooth. Cover our chips, in every groove. Open this bag, let the crunch begin. Share them at lunch with a friend."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Harveys Supermarket. Review published .

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