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Gold Emblem Classic Potato Chips

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Taste: This bag of store-brand potato chips made an unusual comparison on the front of the bag. Often snacks will compare themselves to (largely unnamed) other ones with claims like, "40% less fat than regular potato chips." But in this, case it simply said "2x more than the leading national brand." That begged the question, 2x more what? After reading the footnote (see "From the Package"), I understood it probably just meant that this bag had twice as much stuff in it as a bag of Lay's Classic less than half the size. Yeah. OK. So?

Anyway, as for the chips inside, they had a pale yellow color, gentle curves and some small bubbles embedded inside, with some very light colored skin on parts of their edges.

I crunched in to find that they chips were sliced fairly thin and had a good crispness and a light, brittle crunch. Since CVS compared them to Lay's, I will too: It was a much softer feel than Lay's, still a nice crispness but a softer, less satisfying crunch. The potato flavor was rich, with a good level of salt, much like Lay's. Good potato chips.

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Aroma: Nice strong potato smell.

Gold Emblem Classic Potato Chips

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From the package

"Net wt 4 oz. (113.3 g)" ... "2x more than the leading national brand*" ... "* compared to the 1.875 oz. size of the leading national brand" ... "Gold Emblem Classic Potato Chips have that great potato flavor and crispy crunch everyone knows and loves."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at CVS Health. Review published .

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