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Fun Flips Chatpatty Chutney

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Taste: These puffs had short, stubby shapes, much like the Masala flavor, with a yellow color overall, but in this case there were also some scattered green and red bits of seasoning rather than the more widely spread light brown stuff. We crunched in to find a very odd mix of tastes. There was something maybe remotely spearmint-like but also some other spices that just didn't go with it. On first bite, I thought, strange, then after that, I thought, kind of bad. We shared these around and found a few people who were big fans, but most of our snackers did find the flavor to be odd.

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Aroma: Kind of minty but with other spices too.

Fun Flips Chatpatty Chutney

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Fun Choice (India)

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From the package

"all time snack" ... "Delicious Crunchy" ... "Ingredients: Rice, Pulse, Maize, Edible Vegetable Oil, Spices, Edible Salt & Citric Acid" ... On the front of the bag the words "Chatpatty Chutney" under the logo are on a sticker, but on the back they appear to have forgotten to put the sticker over the word "Pudina"

This snack was discovered by Lap Cheng. Review published .

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