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Fox Family Potato Chips Plain

Fox Family Potato Chips Plain

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Taste test: These potato chips were a bit dark, wiggly, smallish, crisp and extremely tasty, with a huge amount of great potato flavor and not a whole lot of salt. They reminded me of Russet potato chips in a way, with a dry feeling and really nice crispness. For strictly enjoying the taste of the potato, these were quite delicious. We also tried the Salt and Pepper flavor from Fox Family, and though that kind seemed to lack any pepper, it did have a bit more salt than this kind. Which one to get might depend on your salt preferences, but both were top-notch potato chips.

Aroma: Very nice potato smell.

Manufacturer: Fox Family Potato Chips Inc.

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From the package: "Potatoes have been a long-standing tradition in the Fox Family since the 1800's and are still the #1 product of Northern Maine Farmers. Rhett Fox, creator of Fox Family Potato Chips, began producing the mouthwatering potato chips in the late 90's. He started out very small — unable to supply the demand, but Fox had a dream. With encouragement from his father, he was determined to build a successful chip company and supply the demand for Fox Family Potato Chips." ... "Prepared By Hand To Ensure The Best Best Quality." ... " 'Potato' Chips That Taste The Way Mother Nature Intended."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Southwest Food Mart, Mount Desert Island. Review published .

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