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Engobi Energy Go Bites Lemon Lift

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Taste: These pale yellow snacks had a foam-like appearance, with a scoop-like shape and a pale yellow or light beige color. The draw here was that Engobi are caffeinated. Some of our tasters thought that the taste was like lemon hard candy and liked it, but others found it to be much too sweet. Eating just one or two pieces didn't seem to have any caffeinating effect, but we gave entire bags to some of our coffee-addicted snackers and let them go crazy. After eating the whole bag (which seemed to contain about 50 pieces), these folks did confirm that the effect of the caffeine was noticeable and impressive.

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Aroma: Nice, lemony and sweet, like a lemon merringue pie.

Engobi Energy Go Bites Lemon Lift

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From the package

"Have you tried this stuff yet? Prepare to get wired. I mean really wired. The brainiacs that invented Engobi jacked it up with some serious caffeine. I don't know how they did it, but they spiked this stuff with more ceffaine than those energy drinks. Oh, and it tastes good!"

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