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Doritos Mix Blazin' Buffalo Explosion

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Taste: Much like the Taco Explosion and Cheese Explosion versions, this Doritos mix combined four different shapes of corn-based snacks, each bearing a different flavor. (And apparently, any time you devise a flavor of Doritos Mix, it has to involve something exploding!)

One of the four items was a pre-existing product, Doritos Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch in the usual triangular shape. The other three were new creations for this mix: A chipotle flavor of Doritos Dinamita rolled-up tortilla chips (much like Takis); a blue cheese flavor of what the bag described as "Doritos Twists" but were basically Fritos Flavor Twists; and a Cool Ranch flavor of some small hollow triangles made from a Fritos-like material that the bag described as "Doritos Cool Ranch Flavored Tortilla Snacks (open triangles)."

The big Buffalo & Ranch Doritos were quite flavorful and anchored the mix well. The Chipotle Dinamita has a nice smoky and hot flavor, and best of all, a great crunch. The blue cheese twists were a bit of a letdown, as I couldn't taste any blue cheese; if there was any at all, the ruboff of spices from the other kinds might have muted it. The ranch triangles were pretty good and nicely crunchy, but there was far less ranch sensation than standard Cool Ranch Doritos; spices from the other kinds may have been a factor here too. All in all, a nice mix of spices and textures for a tasty mix.

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Aroma: Nice spicy spin on the standard Doritos smell.

Doritos Mix Blazin' Buffalo Explosion

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Fresh Grocer on Grays Ferry (where the Pathmark used to be), Philadelphia. Review published .

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