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Chia Crisps Feta and Black Olive

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Taste: These round, Popchips-style crisps had kind of a blueish, light gray color. Most of the pieces were fairly thick and had wiggly surfaces, but some pieces were much thinner and not wiggly. We crunched in to find a soft crunch and pretty good crispness (but less crisp than Popchips), with a mild flavor that did have at least a hint of olive (though it was hard to notice any feta cheese). The flavor was subtle, definitely not a bold one, but our snackers were big fans of the taste. Mild and tasty!

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Aroma: Not much. Maybe a hint of feta cheese.

Chia Crisps Feta and Black Olive

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"Super savoury, totally Greek" ... "Opa!" ... "Baked Crunchy Black Bean Chips" ... "Empty calorie free™. Satisfies hunger, loaded with energy and seriously easy on the taste buds." ... "Chia? Why? It's not a plant, it's a seed. A super seed that's rich in omega-3s (ALA), antioxidants, calcium and protein to help curb your growling hunger. Specifically, we've chosen Salba® chia to team up with black bean in our seriously tasty recipe. It's easy to digest, gluten-free, vegan, Kosher and filled with fiber."

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