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Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips New England Bisque

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Taste: These potato chips had the usual yellow color and wiggly shapes of Cape Cod chips, with a smattering of green bits on the surfaces. As a New Englander, I found the "New England Bisque" name confusing, as it kind of implied lobster bisque or some other kind of seafood bisque, but it didn't actually say it. The ingredients didn't include any kind of seafood. But that sure looked like a picture of a lobster tail on the bag!

I crunched in to find a tasty mix of savory seasonings that actually did seem to have a hint of lobster to it. It didn't remind me of a bisque all that much, but as for the unnamed implication of lobster, it did indeed pan out. Pretty good.

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Aroma: Kind of remotely seafood-like, but not really like a seafood bisque.

Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips New England Bisque

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Cape Cod Potato Chip Co.

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From the package

"Limited Batch" ... "Close your eyes and you would think you were tasting an authentic New England Bisque – the flavor is that good."

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