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Snyder of Berlin Puff-n-Twistz Cheese

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Taste: These cheese puffs introduced a new shape to the genre, with a surprising twist: they looked kind of like crunchy cheese curls (but not quite) yet had a soft feel that more like the bigger puff kinds, except even softer. The shapes were curvy and thin, but there were also some spurs and knots jutting out of some of the pieces in various places.

The texture was excellent as the soft, dense feel was enjoyable and delivered lots of cheese quite effectively. A big change in cheese puffs, and very good!

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Aroma: Very nice cheese smell. Mmmm!

Snyder of Berlin Puff-n-Twistz Cheese

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From the package

"Tangled Twistz from our 'cheesy' Imagination! A new shape from the people who invented the original melt-in-your-mouth snack. Each piece has a personality: a dog, a tree, a dinosaur — try to imagine what they are. A handful is a mouthful. In tangled, twisted shapes that make even more room for Maximum Cheese Flavor!"

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