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Key Food Crunchy Cheese Curls

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Taste: This fairly large bag was filled to the very top with cheese curls that had a somewhat bright orange color, as the surfaces on close inspection were a mix of orange powder and the exposed yellow underlying corn curls. We crunched in to find a light crunch (light as crunchy cheese curls go) and good crispness, with a really nice cheese flavor that mixed well with the toasted corn. The Key folks didn't go all Chester Cheetah on us here by overwhelming us with dangerous levels of cheese, but we were fine with that as the cheese that they did provide was really tasty. This cheese seemed to leave behind less orange residue on our fingers than Crunchy Cheetos, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether you consider orange fingers to be a potential second meal or a mess that requires cleanup.

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Aroma: Very nice mild cheese smell. Not sharp cheddar by any means, sort of buttery.

Key Food Crunchy Cheese Curls

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Key Foods

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From the package

"At Key Food, Quality is Number One. If you are not totally satisfied with this product, return to your store for a full refund."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Key Foods, Brooklyn. Review published .

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