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Jax Real Cheddar Cheese Curls

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Taste: Ignore the crazy writing on the bag. These are the cheese puffs by which all other cheese puffs are judged. Cheetos may be golden on the crunchy side, but they've never been able to come close to Jax when it comes to the "puffed" variety. Even others cannot duplicate the correct combination of cheese and corn puff. Most other brands tend to put too much cheese on their curl. Of course, there's the issue of getting the orange cheese on your fingers, and Jax doesn't disappoint there. Consider it a bonus thing to lick off after you've eaten the puff (or curl, if you prefer). Jax has a reduced fat version of this curl. I'd ignore that one and go straight for this one.

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Aroma: Strong cheese smell when you open the bag.

Jax Real Cheddar Cheese Curls

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From the package

"Why do you love me? Come on ... tell me again why you love me. Come on, seriously ... .You still like my curl ... You think it's quirky ... It is kinda cute how it bends up there in the back. You say it's the way I dress ... Oh, you noticed my new outfit, pret-ty sharp if I do say so myself ... Orange, Black and Purple ... brings out the best in me. You love my name, hmmm, JAX ... 'J' ...'A' ... 'X' ... Jax® ... hmmm ..." [Editor's note: That's only the half of it. I'd type more, but this is just too stupid to continue.]

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Friendly Farms, Framingham, Massachusetts.

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