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Godis Chokladkrokant

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Taste: This orange-tinted bag contained lots of tiny candy bars in brown-and-white wrappers, with the promise of milk chocolate and butterscotch in each one. That was enough to convince me to buy a bag. Unlike most stuff that IKEA sells, this candy didn't require assembly or include an allen wrench — just unwrap and eat! I peeled open the wrapper of my first piece to find a very small chocolate bar, about an inch long and half an inch wide, with edges that tapered inward. There was a shape on top that kind of resembled a hard candy wrapper — and also resembled a smaller version of the shape of the white portion of the wrapper. I bit in to find a nice mild crunch from the bits of butterscotch inside, with a flavor that reminded me a Heath or Skor bar. The texture was quite different from those excellent bars, as there was no large toffee center, and instead there were many tiny pieces, but the mix of tastes was surprisingly similar. Very good! The pieces were flavorful enough that just one gave a good chocolate rush, yet small enough that you could eat lots of them if you wanted (and the bags said 7 pieces is a serving, so I felt a little less guilty about eating 6 pieces to do this review). With 70 pieces in the bag, you could share a bag with lots of people. We did, and everyone loved these!

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Aroma: Not much.

Godis Chokladkrokant

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IKEA Food Services AB

From the package

"Milk chocolate with butterscotch pieces/Chocolate con leche con trocitos de caramelo"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at IKEA. Review published .

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