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Welch's PB & J Bite Size Snacks Concord Grape

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Taste: This box contained eight separate packets of some sort of spherical PB&J creation. Each bag contained about 15 pieces, all close in size at about a half inch in diameter, but not the same, and roughly spheres, but not quite. The pictures on the box showed some roughly triangular areas of jelly visible on the surfaces. However, the actual balls were almost entirely peanut butter colored on the outside, with only some pieces having any spots of jelly, and those that did, tinier spots that were not triangular.

We bit in to find a soft feel and a pretty good mix of peanut butter and jelly. The surfaces were shiny and did not stick to the fingers. It did taste like peanut butter and jelly, without much reminding me of a sandwich, since it didn't have the texture of a PB&J sandwich. But we didn't much expect it would, as the point here was to be a less-messy way to enjoy that combination (and without the bread). And it was indeed less messy. Our snackers liked these a lot. Easy to eat and tasty. We ended up sharing each 100-calorie pack among multiple people.

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Aroma: Weird. On second whiff, I'm thinking maybe just a weird grape smell that I wasn't expecting, but still weird.

Welch's PB & J Bite Size Snacks Concord Grape

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From the package

"Enjoy the delicious tastes of peanut butter and jelly in every bite of our New Welch's® PB&J Snacks. Made with Real Fruit on the inside and a Creamy Peanut Butter coating on the outside, Welch's® PB&J Snacks are the one bite, no mess snacks your family will love at home or on-the-go!"

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