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Topfer Black & White Duo Wafer Stick

Topfer Black & White Duo Wafer Stick

Taste: These wafer bars were quite different in shape and packaging from your typical ones, but more significantly, the defied our expectations based on the picture right on the front of the package.

The outer package contained 12 individually wrappers, with the same picture on the small foil wrappers as the main one. It looked to be a round-profile wafer roll, with a dark brown wafer exterior filled completely with a an off-white or light yellow creme. But once we opened a pack, it was clear that these weren't two individual round sticks, but really just one double-wide piece with two bulging areas. The solid part was actually a light brown, and the filling area was majority hollow, but it did contain some creme. To make it even clearer that each double piece was cut from a larger whole, they didn't get the alignment of the cutter quite right in many cases, so one end of the cut went right through the fringes one of the bulging areas.

Although they didn't match the picture, the wafers were good, with a soft crunch and a nice mix of chocolate and vanilla, one of the stronger vanilla tastes we've found in a chocolate wafer.

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Aroma: Good chocolate and vanilla smell, remotely like an Oreo.

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Frontier Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

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From the package

"Product of Malaysia"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Super 88, Boston. Review published .

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