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Special K Brownie Bites Blondie

Special K Brownie Bites Blondie

Taste: This large box contained six reasonably large foil bags, each about 80% empty. The pieces had random irregular shapes, but they were all very small, generally a bit over half an inch across, with small brown and white chocolate chips jutting out of most pieces. The chips were less prominent visually than it showed in the pictures on the box, as they just tended to be inside the Bites rather than so well exposed as the photos showed, but there were still many of them. The Bites were fairly soft and tasted OK, remotely like the taste of blondies, but at least a full order of magnitude less good than homemade ones, so nothing great. They also were not very filling — you'd need at least two or three of the 100-calorie bags to get a reasonable sized snack.

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Aroma: Just the slightest cookie dough smell. Not much.

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"Made with Real Chocolate" ... "100 Calories per pouch"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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