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Snickers Rockin' Nut Road

Snickers Rockin' Nut Road

Taste: This version of Snickers changed just about everything from the original, as it seemed the caramel was the only surviving element. Reading the label, they replaced milk chocolate with dark chocolate, peanuts with almonds, and regular nougat with marshmallow-flavored nougat. We peeled open the wrapper to find that the chocolate coating did not look particularly dark, and there was something very orange-looking (probably caramel) stuck to one corner on the outside. The big surprise came upon biting in — this was far and away the softest version of Snickers we've tried. The white marshmallow nougat was apparently very soft and light, and it occupied most of the interior of the bar. Above it, we could see some light brown/orange caramel. It felt like the almonds were mixed in with caramel on top, and they were definitely crushed almonds, not whole ones. The marshmallow dominated as far as taste goes, but the almonds and dark chocolate (it did seem to taste dark) were a definite part of the mix. Overall it was quite sweet and didn't remind me of Snickers much at all. With all that marshmallow, they were trying to be a Snickers version of Rocky Road, and I guess they succeeded at being a lot like Rocky Road, but why label it a Snickers if it's nothing like one?

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Aroma: Definitely a bit marshmallowy.

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From the package

"Dark Chocolate • Almonds • Caramel • Marshmallow Flavored Nougat"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Walgreen's. Review published .

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