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Snickers 3X Chocolate

Snickers 3X Chocolate

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Taste test: This limited edition of the Snickers bar seemed positively huge, as the wrapper contained two bars packaged end-to-end. Curious about what 3X meant, we read the wrapper to find that it had the same four elements as a regular Snickers (milk chocolate, nougat, caramel and peanuts) except that they somehow chocolofied the nougat and caramel so that they could claim three different kinds of chocolate. We bit in to find that it had a similar feel to normal Snickers, but a bit denser and chewier, while also tasting quite a bit more chocolatey. If you like the taste of the nougat and caramel in a Snickers and the balance that they provide, the change may seem a bit unneeded; it's not as if Snickers doesn't have enough chocolate. But having said that, this bar was quite good as well, as it really hit on all cylinders with chocolate without overdoing things — it's the Snickers you should reach for if you're specifically looking for a kick of chocolate. Even better with some cold milk.

Aroma: Good chocolate and caramel smell.

Manufacturer: Mars Chocolate North America LLC

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From the package: "Milk Chocolate • Chocolate Flavored Nougat • Chocolate Caramel • Peanuts" ... "2 To Go" ... "Save One for Later" ... "Twist to Close"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Walgreen's. Review published .

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