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Skittles Chocolate Mix

Skittles Chocolate Mix

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Taste test: Skittles, everyone's favorite stick-to-your-teeth sugary fruit snack, now has a chocolate version. It's been many years since I've eaten Skittles, but seeing the Chocolate Mix motivated me to puchase some. This bag said it contained five different colors of pieces, representing different flavors in order from light to dark: Vanilla, S'mores, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Pudding and Brownie Batter. I'm not sure what the Vanilla ones were doing in a Chocolate Mix, but I was willing to eat some anyway. Each piece was shaped kind of like an M&M, but a bit thicker in the middle and bearing an S instead of an M. The off-white Vanilla ones were good, with a strong vanilla taste, sweet but not supersweet. The yellowish beige S'mores ones had a remotely graham cracker-like taste, but I couldn't taste any marshmallow or chocolate in them. The Chocolate Caramel pieces were OK and remotely caramel-like, but the taste was just average, as I have very high taste expectations when mixing chocolate and caramel. The Chocolate Pudding and Brownie Batter ones were almost indistinguishable by color, but after much analysis, I was able to separate the dark brown Chocolate Pudding from the slightly darker brown or nearly black Brownie Batter ones. The Chocolate Pudding Skittles did taste a lot like actual chocolate pudding, so those were very good. The Brownie Batter ones really did taste like brownies, also quite good.

Aroma: Not really chocolatey at all, sort of smells like cough syrup I used to have as a kid.

Manufacturer: Mars Snackfood US, LLC

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From the package: "Artificial and Natural Flavors"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ocean State Job Lot. Review published .

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