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Schogetten Milk Chocolate

Schogetten Milk Chocolate

Taste: This chocolate product from Germany threw me quite a loop when I opened it. From all appearances, this was going to be a chocolate bar. But when I opened the cardboard-ish outer package and then the foiler wrapper inside, it turned out not to be a bar with 6x3 grid, but rather 18 individual pieces arranged into a grid but entirely separate from one another. Considering the way that I generally eat large chocolate bars, one section at a time, this seemed like a great idea, as it avoided the effort and messiness of breaking apart the bar. You would have thought someone would have tried doing this way a long time ago. The square pieces were fairly thick and had beveled edges, with a star-like symbol in the center. The pieces were sufficiently thick that there was a bit of a crunch upon biting in. The milk chocolate taste was bit subdued, not really creamy, but our snackers enjoyed eating these anyway.

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Aroma: Slihtly sweet milk chocolate smell.


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Trumpf Schokoladefabrik GmbH (Germany)

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"No artificial flavors/Sin aroma artificial" ... "Made in Germany"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Aldi Foods. Review published .

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