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Reese's Crunchers

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Taste: This zippable bag contained clusters combining three easily describable elements — peanut butter chips, crushed peanuts and milk chocolate — with one more mysterious one, cited on the bag as simply "puffs." The clusters came in all sorts of random shapes and sizes, and they looked like blobs of stuff, not particularly attractive. The bag said the clusters were "covered in milk chocolate," but it wasn't a true coating, as all of the elements, including the mysterious white "puffs," could be seen on the outside. So it was more like, "held together by milk chocolate."

The clusters seemed slightly melty on the fingertips, and unlike Reese's cups, there really no choice here but to grab these by the fingertips. There was a light crunch throughout (presumably from the peanuts and "puffs") and there was a pretty good chocolate and peanut butter taste. Not bad, but I just don't see myself craving these more than the original Reese's, with a much lower convenience factor here.

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Aroma: Mostly like a Reese's cup, but heavier on the peanut.

Reese's Crunchers

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From the package

"Mini peanut butter chips, puffs, and peanuts covered in milk chocolate." ... "a perfectly munchable, deliciously crunchy snack"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Family Dollar. Review published .

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