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Pepero Stick Biscuit & Chocolate

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Taste: This box contained a red foil bag holding about 25 thin, round cookie sticks coated mostly in milk chocolate, with one end of each stick uncoated for use as a handle. Each piece was about 5 inches long, with the uncoated portion averaging about an inch. The chocolate coating was thin, but there was still plenty of chocolate to make these taste quite good, and the sweet, moist chocolate coating went well with drier, mildly crunchy cookie stick. These were easy to munch on one at a time, and it was also easy to become a serial eater of them. Very good, our snackers were big fans.

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Aroma: Good chocolate smell, a bit bittersweet.

Pepero Stick Biscuit & Chocolate


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Lotte Confectionery (Korea)

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From the package

"Korea No. 1 brand" ... "Smooth chocolate attached to a delicious biscuit"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at H Mart, Burlington, Massachusetts. Review published .

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