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PayDay Flavor of Texas BBQ

PayDay Flavor of Texas BBQ

Taste: Even having eaten many odd combinations of flavors in limited-edition candy bars, the idea of adding Texas BBQ flavor to a Payday bar seemed particularly odd. This state-themed flavor was released alongside a Georgia honey-roasted Reese's.

I unwrapped it to find that it looked like a bunch of somewhat reddish honey-roasted peanuts (but these were actually BBQ peanuts, as they already did a limited-edition Honey Roasted version) held together by some beige caramel. I bit in to find that the caramel was soft and chewy, and the peanuts fairly soft too. It was kind of messy, as some peanuts went flying during some bites. It was definitely a different taste from the original Payday, as there was some barbecue seasoning on the peanuts, but it was a comparatively mild seasoning. The contrast between the barbecue flavor and the caramel was unusual, but it wasn't too weird because there just wasn't that much barbecue there. Not bad, but nothing that stood out as a flavor that I'd crave to eat again.

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Aroma: Could smell the BBQ peanuts on first whiff, then something sugary after that. Nice.

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"Peanut Caramel Bar"

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