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Nestlé Classic 1927 Spesiyal

Nestlé Classic 1927 Spesiyal

Taste: This mysteriously named (for those who can't read Turkish and hadn't yet typed some words from the wrapper into Google Translate) bar turned out to be basically a large, milk chocolate-covered wafer bar with a hazelnut cream filling.

Inside were four wafer layers surrounding three hazelnut creme layers, just slightly lighter in color than the exterior chocolate coating. The bar had a fairly light feel overall, and the hazelnut filling provided lots of flavor and a creamy texture. Very good, especially with cold milk.

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Aroma: Good chocolate and hazelnut smell.

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From the package

"Fındık Kremalı Sütlü Çikolatah Gofret" ... "Made in Turkey" ... "Manufacturer: Nestlé Türkiye Gıda Sanayi A.Ş."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Haymarket, Boston. Review published .

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