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Nancy's Old Fashioned Horehound Sanded Candy Drops

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Taste: This bag of candy attracted my attention among several varieties of Nancy's Candy because of the promised horehound flavor, as I had no idea what it was. Googling around, I found that horehound is some sort of plant found in parts of Europe.

The candies had oblong shapes with brownish exteriors with some whitish areas. When I shared the bag around nearly all of our tasters were apprehensive about trying a piece, as horehound just didn't sound appealing. But those who did all liked the flavor a lot — we didn't hear any complaints. It seemed to be almost entirely sugar, but there was a hint of something roughly akin to a root beer candy, though milder and not the same taste. Good stuff, and motivation to try new things!

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Aroma: Very mild.

Nancy's Old Fashioned Horehound Sanded Candy Drops

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Nancy's Candy Co. factory, Meadows of Dan, Virginia. Review published .

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