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Milka & Oreo

Milka & Oreo

Taste: This candy bar's announcement made a big splash in the news — apparently putting Oreo into a candy bar is newsworthy, which kind of baffled me because Cadbury had already done the same thing. Then it took some months for me to find one to eat.

The large milk chocolate bar had a 5x3 section grid, with the Milka logo atop each section and some dark things, presumably bits of Oreo cookie, visible within the milk chocolate exterior. The package showed a cross-section with a center that combined a white creme with dark cookie bits, but the edges of a pristine bar were all milk chocolate.

I broke off three sections to find that the cross-section was indeed as advertised, with more creme than cookie — a reversal from your typical Oreo proportions. There was a very light crunch (much lighter than eating an Oreo sandwich) from the cookie bits and the creme didn't remind me of Oreo filling. It was good, though fairly sweet, with a nice mix of chocolate from the combination of broken Oreo pieces and the milk chocolate exterior. The overall taste reminded me of Oreos very little, but it was still a pretty good bar.

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Aroma: It does smell like a mix of milk chocolate and Oreos.

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From the package

"Product of Germany" ... "Manufactured by Mondelez Deutschland" ... "Milk chocolate with cream filled with Oreo biscuits pieces" ... "100% alpine milk chocolate"

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