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Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon

Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon

Taste: This version of Mike and Ike had five different flavors, each a different color, according to the back of the package: Kiwi-Banana (green), Caribbean Punch (blue), Strawberry-Banana (red), Paradise Punch (pink) and Mango (orange). The front also had a nice picture key to translate flavor names into fruits (though translation was only needed for two of the five flavors; the others were self-explanatory). But it was odd that you needed to consult two different keys that couldn't be viewed simultaneously to figure out the name and intended fruit composition of any given color. I opened the package to find that the distinction between pink and red wasn't quite so clear; it turned out that the Strawberry-Banana ones were more of a dark pink, and the Paradise Punch ones light pink.

The Kiki-Banana ones tasted kind of like lime on the first bite, then like fake banana candy. Based on the key, we figured out that Paradise Punch was supposed to include strawberry, kiki and pineapple. It was kind of an odd combination, as I couldn't really taste any of those things. Strawberry Banana started out with lots of very sweet strawberry-like taste (not a spot-on strawberry), with a hint of banana (just a hint) in the aftertaste. The Mango ones really did taste like mango, especially on the first bite. I'm not a mango fan, so these were about par for the course as mangoes go. Caribbean Punch was supposed to include pineapple, mango and lime; considering my dislike of mango and resistance to lime, I was surprised by how tolerable it was. Overall, a very intense, fruity mix, not that bad.

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Aroma: Not much, just a slight fruit juice smell.


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"New look! Now with real fruit juice!" ... "We are together again! You are the reason we make great candy! — Mike and Ike"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ocean State Job Lot. Review published .

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