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Mike and Ike Sundae Sweets

Mike and Ike Sundae Sweets

Taste: This version of Mike and Ike promised six different flavors that each delivered elements from a well-loaded sundae. With the exception of the cherry on top, they all corresponded to things that I like. So here we go:

Chocolate Fudge: The darkish brown pieces were sweet and had a hint of chocolate, but they didn't at all say Chocolate Fudge to me, and certainly not the hot chocolate fudge atop a sundae. They tasted remotely like Tootsie Rolls. Caramel Drizzle: Sweet and only remotely caramel-like. Not anything like a caramel sauce. Banana Split: Kind of your typical candied banana taste, so only remotely like an actual banana. Vanilla Ice Cream: Sorry, but it really didn't taste like vanilla ice cream. Crushed Pineapple: Very mild as pineapple tastes go, but it did at least resemble the taste of pineapple. But still needed a lot more fruit taste. I saved Cherries on Top for last, mostly because I couldn't find any red pieces. I ended up pouring the container into a bowl just to find a red piece. Surprisingly, it was actually not bad at all, a good sweet taste that was quite fruity (way more than the pineapple ones) without tasting cherry-like in a bad way.

All in all, with five of the six flavors beige subpar, this was one of the more disappointing Mike and Ike boxes, unable to taste anything like a good sundae, individually or in combinations.

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Aroma: Pretty much none. Definitely not like a sundae.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Hannaford. Review published .

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