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M&M's Caramel

M&M's Caramel

Taste: These M&M's came in standard M&M's colors — orange, yellow, brown, green, blue and red — but the pieces were noticeably larger than the originals. Many of the M's inked onto the surfaces seemed to be a bit off center. I carefully bit off half of my first piece to get a look at the cross-section. The vast majority of the interior consisted of caramel, with a thin chocolate layer between that and the colored shell. The caramel part had a chewy feel that was quite unusual for M&M's. That chewiness made the light crunch of the shell more noticeable. The mix of chocolate and caramel was good.

The slight grittiness added by the shell was a slight detraction, as it just didn't seem right to go with the caramel. Not good enough to make this one of the best milk chocolate and caramel snacks, but still good enough that I ate the whole package (which claims to be two servings) in one extended sitting.

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Aroma: Good caramel and chocolate smell.

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From the package

"Allergy information: contains milk and soy. May contain peanuts." ... "share size" ... "2 servings per pack"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Walgreen's. Review published .

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