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Hands Off My Chocolate Milk Meets Dark

Hands Off My Chocolate Milk Meets Dark

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Taste test: This Belgian chocolate bar took an unusual shape, as instead of the usual rectangular sections, it was 14 conjoined circles, arranged in rows of five, four and five. It also had the word "mine" in a different font atop each section, save for one section that was labeled "yours." The circles were reasonably easy to break off, and as it said on the wrapper, each one was just the right size to pop into the mouth.

The flavor was described as "Milk Meets Dark," but from the outside it looked to be all milk chocolate. Ditto for the internals of each one, there was no sign of a darker area of chocolate. The pieces didn't melt easily in the hands, but they melted nicely in the mouth, with a taste that was mostly milk chocolate but with maybe a hint of dark. Very smooth, very good!

Aroma: Good rich milk chocolate smell.

Manufacturer: Hands Off BV (Netherlands)

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From the package: "Made in Belgium" ... "Fits in your mouth perfectly"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Karl's Sausage Kitchen & European Market. Review published .

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