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Good & Delish Caramel & Sea Salt Brittle Bites

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Taste: This snack was a bit of a surprise, because I bought it after seeing the words "Caramel" and "Brittle" and the picture of a shiny chocolate coating. But the pieces weren't crunchy like brittle, plus there was a whole other aspect hidden in the fine print, as the interiors also included pieces of apple and apricot. (In their defense, they did have small renderings of an apple and apricot on the bag that I also failed to notice.)

The pieces came in all sorts of sizes, ranging from one resembling a Raisinette to some quite large ones, but they weren't so smooth or shiny as the ones pictured on the bag. The taste and texture were great: chewable, with a delicous mix of caramel and chocolate. The sea salt and bits of fruit maybe added some balance, but they were tough to notice, as mostly it was a sweet caramel snack, and a great one at that!

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Aroma: Mostly a nice caramel smell, but a hint of fruit in there.

Good & Delish Caramel & Sea Salt Brittle Bites

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From the package

"Good & Delish Caramel & Sea Salt Brittle Bites are very unusual treats! Unlike your typical brittle, these are soft caramel candies combined with real pieces of apple and apricot. They're an unforgettable sweet and salty prize that doesn't require quarters, good hand eye coordination or a whole lotta' luck to enjoy."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ocean State Job Lot. Review published .

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