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Brach's Apple Mix Candy Corn

Brach's Apple Mix Candy Corn

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Taste test: This bag contained three different varieties of apple-themed candy corn — green and white Green Apple; white and tan Apple Pie; and brown and purplish pink Caramel Apple.

I tried Caramel Apple first, and found there to be a vastly different in flavor between the two ends. The purplish end had a strong, sweet apple flavor, and the brown end was clearly the caramel. The caramel seemed way too sweet initially, but once the two flavors mixed in my mouth, I did get a strong hint of a (very sweet) caramel apple.

Next came apple pie. This mix of white top and tan tip really did taste like a mix of the dough, liquidy sweet stuff and chunks of apple in an apple pie. It was also too sweet at times, but it really hit the flavor mark well.

Finally, trying to simulate just a plain Green Apple, not a prepared item like the others. This one also seemed to sweet at first, but once I ate a piece a bit more carefully, I found that the green did taste a lot like the skin, and the white tip like the inside of the apple. Again, all kinds of sweet, excessive at times, but a real nice flavor match in all cases.

Aroma: Definitely a lot of apple when I sniffed the bag.

Manufacturer: Ferrera Candy Co.

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From the package: "Making moments of your day just a little sweeter is our passion. Our products are made with quality, wholesome ingredients. We're proud to be your favorite candy maker for over 100 years." ... "Product of Mexico" ... "Serving size 15 pieces (31g)"

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