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Birthday Cake M&M's

Birthday Cake M&M's

Taste: I like cake as much as the next guy, but if you were to ask me what my favorite cake is (nobody's ever actually asked), birthday cake would not even enter into consideration. I'm thinking that I am not atypical in this regard. Isn't "birthday cake" really a lowest-common-denominator recipe designed to be tolerable to as many people as possible, at the expense of thrilling nobody? And yet, we've seen a sharp increase in recent years in the number of snacks boasting a birthday cake flavor. We've reviewed some Oreos, jelly beans and oddly shaped thingies with this flavor. Now M&M's has gotten on the birthday bus. We ripped open the bag to find that all the pieces were red, yellow or blue. Biting open a piece to reveal the profile, the interior looked like regular M&M's. The taste was indeed like birthday cake — still some chocolate in there, but all sorts of other sweetness as well, like frosting and cake. Too sweet, though. I prefer the regular M&M's.

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Aroma: Not much.

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From the package

"Made with Real Milk Chocolate" ... "Artificial Flavor"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at CVS Health. Review published .

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