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photo of Bauducco Selects Wafer Cookies & Cream Double Filled

Bauducco Selects Wafer Cookies & Cream Double Filled

Bauducco Selects Wafer Cookies & Cream Double Filled

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Taste test: These "Double Filled" wafers broke the standard format of this type of wafer package by providing just one layer of wafers rather than two, with 10 wafers in the one layer instead of two layers of 12. In exchange for many fewer wafers, each one had thicker creme layers and more of them. In this case, it was four chocolate-colored wafer layers enclosing three beige-with-dark-spots cookies & cream fillings. We crunched in to find that each piece was thick and pretty substantial, with lots of soft crunch and creamy chocolate deliciousness. It wasn't immediately apparent that the dark spots in the filling shown in the picture actually existed, but when we peeled open the wafer, we found that little black cookie bits were indeed in the creme. Our snackers were very big fans. Fewer cookies was something of a disadvantage, but these types of wafers are usually priced so attractively that it's easy enough too just buy more so that everyone gets to eat some. The only major complaint we had was that these types of wafers leave behind tons of tiny crumbs, ad the crumbs were extra-visible in this case because of the wafers' dark color.

Aroma: Very nice rich cookies and cream smell. Like taking a whiff of the corresponds flavor of ice cream.

Manufacturer: Pandurata Alimentos Ltda. (Brazil)

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